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  1. Jan 25,  · The Republicans who made those comments did seem to be going out of their way to back up John Stuart Mill's comment: "I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid.
  2. Mar 29,  · “We will crash your party. You will pay a big fine. And we will name & shame you until EVERYONE gets this message into their heads.” Can’t believe I have to say this at all, let alone for the second time. But here we are. NO CORONA PARTIES. They’re illegal, dangerous, and stupid. We will crash your party. You will pay a big fine.
  3. Jan 26,  · Henry Olsen is a Senior Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and co-author of Four Faces of the Republican Party: The Fight for the .
  4. Sep 10,  · The Stupid Party? Which One? 07/11/ pm ET Updated Sep 10, It seems to be a growing belief that the Republican Party has been hijacked by anti-science ideas and that somehow the Democratic Party is the party of scientific sanity, but the distinction may not be as clear cut as out might think. Or is it?Author: Dr. Sten Odenwald.
  5. "10 States have no Covid lockdown orders. Because they are special, and immune, apparently" Yes, "special" as in "The Special Olympics" and "immune" to rational thought.
  6. Jan 25,  · CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called on the Republican Party to "stop being the stupid party" on Thursday as GOP leaders promised fundamental changes to help stave off future losses.
  7. Still the "Party of Stupid" Then: Old white GOP men ask panel of men about contraceptives while ignoring women's views Now: Old white GOP men harangue Hillary Clinton about non-scandal of Benghazi talking points Then: GOP in countless ways wages war on women's productive rights by trying to limit abortions.
  8. Dec 18,  · Democrats: The New Stupid Party. By Daniel Henninger, Wall Street Journal - December 18, Email. Print. Comments. A constant of political life has been that there is only one “stupid party.
  9. Jun 21,  · This decidedly stupid theme party idea is for blunts and 40 oz. beers to be available for consumption by party guests. It can become quite expensive for the party thrower, and also dangerous. Plus, there’s a lot of clean up involved with this one, just like with idea number 4 above.

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